Life Experiences

Transgenders Are Humans Like You And Me

This gender bender stuff I have never been able to comprehend from when I was in my teens.  So what? Was all I could ask when they were differentiated in a negative way or treated as nothing but laughing stock by society.

I had a classmate who was one of a kind. He was joked about for his feminine gait and voice by anyone. I didn’t find it funny at all and never joined the crowd. In fact I was the only one to treat him as a human first, talk and interact normally with him like I would with any of my friends. I would be careful never to laugh or smile awkwardly when he was around lest I hurt his feelings unintentionally. 

While many avoided his company, I would not if he came over to talk or ask for notes or any help. In the beginning other classmates would look me over in a queer manner for being on talking terms with him but I decided not to give too much importance to how others veiwed our friendship. All I told myself was he’s as human as I or any other.

Of course I have lost touch with him for ages now but he comes to mind whenever I read such articles like the one below.

Mahalakshmi, Chennai


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