Life Experiences

Celebrate Life

I was born on a certain DDMMYYYY. When that day arrives each year, I celebrate and family, friends and relatives make it even more memorable by wishing me with possible and impossible things! I thank them all. The mood is kept happy, alive. I ride on that happiness for a few more days like a hangover, like an extended celebration.

Pray that each day is like this with only happiness, loving people around you, positive incidents, now wait a minute! Have I reached heaven already!! No way. I am still alive and kicking AND getting the low every single day.

I wonder about life and living. Years later after so many thousands of new moons, I realize life offers its gift at each new dawn with joy, disappointments, laughter, taunts, sadness, insults, praises, tears…all nicely packed in a basket, delivered at my door step the moment I wake up from my deep slumber which feels like I was dead for a good 6+ hours, before I wake up to the fact that I am still alive and breathing! Life is a gift each day to celebrate with the presents i get. Among the presents, I have the right and the free will to choose some of those or accept all those gifts and make the best or worst of my day. Choice is mine. Yet to choose to count my blessings, ignore the little ups and downs, I have to learn to deal with all kinds of gifts life gives 365 x 24 for many years!! It takes a lifetime for some, life times out before self realization for some. I have one life to live and the free will to make it worthwhile.

I have always pondered what makes me happy each day. I have realized time and again that giving something which someone else needs more than me, giving good guidance at the right time to someone who asks for it, sharing material things, getting things done for someone else even if he be a stranger, motivating someone to see the brighter side of their lives, caring enough to make a difference to their lives, kicking someone out of their laziness-lethargy-depression if that is the need of the hour, loving unconditionally (this I confess, I experience only towards my sons at all times and sometimes with some). Of all these only’love’ i find to be the most powerful which gives me supreme joy.



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