Life Experiences

The Afternoon Siesta After The Kitty Party

An all-white female cat suddenly started coming home regularly to drink milk at 6am when we would open our kitchen door, which also happens to be our back door leading into a common passage.

There she would sit quietly, prim and proper, waiting patiently to feed on the warm milk we would pour for her, while we sipped our morning coffee looking at her.  We named her Snow White.

Later we knew this was a recce for debuting her few weeks’ old kitten, the gray and white beauty you can see in the picture below.  That day she sat as usual but with a tiny one beside her.  We squealed in delight at the new charming fellow sitting quietly by his mom’s side and promptly named him Pattu (which means ‘silk’ in Tamil).  As soon as the milk was poured, as any mom would, she let her kitten drink first and polished off the remaining milk later. This ritual continued for a few months until mom was confident Pattu could manage on his own and not come to any harm from us.  He got on beautifully with us. We don’t allow cats or dogs entry inside our house.  They are served whatever it is, in the passage way seen in the picture.  Later the mom was seen challenging Pattu and he would give her a good fight to have the first turn at the milk every day.  The mom was no fool, she was teaching her kitten valuable lessons at sharpening his survival instincts to fight for food!

Later the golden brown kitten too was debuted much the same way as Pattu.  Pattu would allow the little fellow to drink milk first like a gentleman.  Later all would join in licking off every drop of it and then play for sometime in the passage way.

in this picture below, mom has become a ‘Hush’ pillow for her kittens cuddled against her, all enjoying their siesta one afternoon.


Afternoon Siesta


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