Life Experiences

Hair Coloring

Coloring hair with toxic artificial chemicals can be dangerous to health.

Scalp is a sensitive part of our body where the skin is delicate, porous and often toxic elements can seep in through it to play havoc with our health often spoiling our natural looks.

Nature takes care of the color of our hair.  We can let it age gracefully according to the years we add to our life.  In case of joint families there will be opposition to such ideas and youngsters are stopped from experimenting with their looks which can save all of us trouble at a later stage.  Such things can go horribly wrong for many.  Hair dyes are known to affect eyes, skin on face, ears, hands and scalp.  In the name of fashion, paying a high price to get hair colored and later paying an even more heavier price to appear weird and lose the natural looks we are born with.

Read a newspaper article today which amused me no end regarding tips to take care while going in for hair coloring.  One such tip cautions us to use hand gloves while coloring hair. What about the poor sensitive scalp, i wonder!  We don’t care as much for our head as we care for our hands?


Colored hair1  Colored hair2  Colored hair3



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