Polished and Unpolished Rice

Yesterday,went shopping for raw rice at the grocers.

Found 2 varieties of it.  One was unpolished rice, dull white and priced at Rs.50/kg and the other one was polished rice, bright white and priced at Rs.55/kg.

Unpolished was my choice. Rice polishing is a process after de-husking it from its non-edible hull.  In unpolished rice only the outermost layer, it’s hull is removed.  Though dull white or brown in color, it retains the vitamins like B3, B1,, B6, manganese, phosperous, iron, fibre and fatty acids.

Polished one will have undergone a process to remove more layers from each grain of rice to make it appear bright white.  This removes more than 50% of all vital nutrients from the rice.

We pay more for polished rice which is stripped of nutrients.  Pay some more to add back the much needed vitamins through pills and supplements.  What a round about way.

Unpolished Rice



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