Life Experiences

One moment joy, next moment despair!

Lots of pigeons, parrots, sparrows and crows used to visit our apartments in the housing society complex at Pune where we lived for the past 7 months.
Pigeons out numbered. One pair checked out carefully our downstairs flat’s open terrace and made a nest in a discarded cardboard box kept in a corner. In time we could see 3 eggs and lots of activity by a pigeon pair taking turns to hatch them. Two weeks later, the apartment owners decided to clean their terrace on a Sunday and threw away the garbage including the nest with eggs.
Every second minute the distressed pigeons searched the place in despair.  And after a couple of days they abandoned the place as hopeless. It was sad to see them homeless with their eggs lost forever.
Why allow it in the 1st place and then clean up later. I felt they could have waited for 3 more weeks by which time eggs would have hatched and the young ones taught to fly.

As we were preparing to come back to Chennai last week, yet again i could see some discarded boxes in the same corner of their open terrace.  The poor pigeons were checking out these empty card boxes.  Felt hopeless for those pigeons for their optimism and faith in humanity.


Open Terr



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