Wax Museum, Lonavala

Least expected a wax museum in Lonavala courtesy our driver who drove us there. It’s Sunil’s Celebrity Wax Museum. It was summer, quite sultry and warm inside making my face look more oily and hence shiny for the photo shoot.

Adjacent to it was the House of Horrors.  Gave it a miss as i din’t wish to pay to see Horror of any kind!

There was a huge crowd posing for pictures with celebrities from politics, religion, films, music, etc.  Late Indira Gandhi, prime minister of India looked rather tame seated on a chair and not draped in her trade mark cotton sarees for which she was so famous.  South Indian Carnatic classical vocalist Late Subbulaskhmi too was not depicted in her traditional 9 yards South Indian saree draped differently, but was depicted in a 6 yards saree with her head covered which is  a strict no-no and never the done thing down South!  It’s a tradition among South Indian widows to cover their heads and not wear the red dot on their foreheads symbolizing to society her widowed status.  She was not a widow then. She has a red bindi/dot on her forehead indicating her married status. In contrast North Indians cover their heads out of respect for elders, when they visit temples and bow before the deities!  See how North and South never can see eye to eye!

Wax Subbulakshmi     subbu   Indira Gandhi

My favorite author Nobel Prize winner Rabindranath Tagore on whose staple diet of short stories i grew up reading since age 8.  Swami vivekananda and the Dalai Lama whom i read and admire were there.  A R Rahman’s wax model was not so convincing and so were many other models.  But it’s something of an additional attraction at Lonavala to check out. Actor Amrish Puri, popular in Villain’s role was the most authentic among all wax models.


The 2 most popular figures were easy to guess. Long queue of visitors eagerly waited out their turn to take pictures with were our current prime minister, Narendra Modi and Mr.Bean with kids getting excited.

Since i have grown listening to and singing Hindi Film songs, i took pictures only with Pop singer Asha Bhosle and Late Mohd. Rafi.  What if i dint get a chance to sing duets with either, at least i was posing for pics with them late in life!!  Better late than never.  I missed my favorite, Lata Mangeshkar there.

Asha Bhosale & Me  Mohd Rafi & Me

Way to go Mahalakshmi!


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