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Pt Jasraj’s ‘Mata Kaalikaa..’

Pt Jasraj is a Hindustani classical vocalist. An artiste par excellence. I have always liked his style of singing as i can connect emotionally, almost instantly the moment i hear his voice anytime.  We share the same place, Hyderabad, he used to live in Jambagh area which is adjacent to Mozamjahi Market, where i spent my early childhood years in a place opposite to Mozamjahi Market.  There’s that rare timber quality to his voice as he brings a certain emotion to the almost sparse words which are traditionally used in the Hindustani classical style of vocal music.  He brings out the soul of the Raga and sings ever so effortlessly transporting me to another world.   Just like what Lata Mangeshkar does while singing a film song in some Hindustani Raga touching it’s soul in just under 3 minutes!

My favorite bhajan of his is “Mata Kalika..” set to Raag Adana, which  i guess he is requested to sing in almost all his concerts on public demand, world wide.

At Lonavala I visited a wax museum in which there was Pt.Jasraj in concert!

Pt Jasraj




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