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Lonavala Tiger’s Point & Mutha Dam

The locals call this as Tiger’s Point but the board on site indicates it as the Lion’s Point! Anyway Lion or Tiger, it’s a hill top which is reached after some sharp hairpin bends.

From this plateau on the hill top, there were beautiful views to behold.  Some hills here are similar to the Grand Canyon, USA.

Horse rides, snack shops making fresh fritters, noodles, ice-creams, tea, charcoal-ember-roasted corn cobs, the candyman on the move were the added attractions there.  The unfettered horses with their handlers missing, followed me as i tried to take their pictures!

Then we had to climb another hilly region to see the Mutha River Dam.  All along the pathway there are a number of temporary shanties selling snacks, knick-knacks, set up on either side through out the way to the top right up to the dam wall.  The path is solid rock with an uneven surface.  Once rains set in, walking this path is impossible when the dam overflows with water, mercilessly washing away these shanties and humans if they are caught in the flooding.

Thankfully it was bone dry when we went and i could climb up the uneven and sharp rocks to reach the dam wall which were dotted with make shift shops selling ice-crush lollies, lime juice, cocktails.  Fascinated with the woman vendor who wore intricate gold earrings, who was operating a manual ice crusher as soon as orders for customized beverages and ice blobs were placed.  I bought a lemon juice with kala-khatta which infused a salty sulphur flavor into the lemon juice. It was refreshing.  There were people sitting right on the dam wall enjoying the ice crush (see pic below).


At Tiger’s Point

Grand Canyong of Lonavala

Below: Candy Man and Horse rides.

Candy Man Lonavala Horse at Lonavala

Rocky Path leading to the Mutha River Dam up there. Perched on the Dam wall are people who enjoy crush ice and instant customized beverages like lemon, mango, kala khatta, etc.

Rocky Trek Lonavala Dam Crush Ice Lonawala Dam


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