Tarot & Astrology Classes

December, 1999.  A small advertisement in The Hindu, Chennai edition of newspaper attracted my attention.  “Learn Tarot Card reading in one day.  Workshop on how to read Tarot Cards, the Indian way!”.
Enrolled for Tarot workshop, to become an astrologer later!  8am to 6pm Tarot workshop was slightly different from the rules i had been following from that book which came with the kit.  The teacher, a young man aged about 35 in 1999, taught me and others.  It was interesting and absorbing to know there is another, different way in which a card could be interpreted.  He was mentioning the use of Hindu astrology on and off to read the Tarot cards which i could not understand as i knew nothing about astrology at that time.
After the session, the teacher was enquiring me about my rasi/zodiac and birth asterism.  Almost all Hindus are familiar with our moon sign and asterism as we offer prayers on our birthdays at the temple in our name with these details.  You need Date of Birth, Place of Birth and Time of Birth to cast a person’s horoscope.
He asked me for mine and my husband’s birth details which i gave after getting the information about our time of birth as i already knew both our dates and places of birth. He quickly cast our charts on his computer.  He asked me whether my husband had hurt his feet or legs?  An accident perhaps?  I was stunned and floored by this one.  I became curious to know how could he say that off hand just by checking a birth chart?  We Hindus are not new to astrologers.  I remember from my childhood, my parents consulting astrologers on and off, perform some rituals for us kids to do well in life and future.  We are four sisters with no brothers and parents were worried for all of us as is usual in Hindu families where marriage is a big deal with a bigger deal for expenses to foot by the girl’s side.  Right from matching the girls horoscopes with the boys horoscopes before marriage, astrologers are consulted for just about everything all over India by those who have belief in it. And many do.  He encouraged me to join his class where already one man had enrolled.  I informed him that i was a total zero in astrology not knowing even the A of Astrology leave alone learn it.  He assured me that he will make me a hero from zero in his 1 month class.  1 month without a single day’s break unless intimated otherwise and classes would start by 6.30am and go on upto 3pm on some days.
A month later i began attending the 31 day course for learning basics of Astrology from the Tarot teacher because i wanted to know how he found out about that accident to my husband’s foot.  He also said i was destined to learn Astrology to help others.  The journey began first with a short course on basics.  In 2 months, i again approached him for an advanced class on my pick of subjects like the transits of planets, nadi, etc. for a 15 day session.  My class mate, Bhaskar and myself attended both these courses together.  I was a zero and a clean slate but Bhaskar had moved around with and learnt astrology from several other astrologers before taking up these classes from maybe this 17th teacher.  He already knew all the basics and i was a distilled muff at this subject.  But i had passion to get to the bottom of it someday.  Thus began my journey in Astrology.  It’s been 16 years since.  Not a day passes without my reading charts, reading the subject, thinking about it each day of my life without a break so far!  Once bitten you are addicted to it is all i can say.  I have bought astrology books written by many authors and have a decent library of collection.  All books helped me learn something of the subject after a whole year of struggle in frantically searching and locating where to buy books of certain good authors like K.N.Rao of Delhi.  The year was 2000-2001.   More about that in later blogs.  I am no longer in touch with my teacher since long time now.  I prefer to work on my own.  I launched myself as a professional astrologer through word of mouth only for almost 14 out of 16 years of practice now.
I remain ever grateful to my teacher for teaching me the basics of astrology so well that a strong foundation made it possible to build upon later on my own.  It was well worth learning under a teacher as insightful as he.
K.B.Gopalakrishnan, Astrologer and Tarot Reader, was my teacher for Tarot as well as Astrology. (He’s available on Mob:9840572247).  His website is

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