Dr.Ambedkar’s Museum, Pune

Dr.Ambedkar was a highly literate person.  He studied from various colleges in India and earned his law degree from a UK university.

He drafted the Constitution of India.  He was the champion of the downtrodden.  He converted to Buddhism.  His lifestyle was that of a pucca Sahib (meaning very British).

There are displays of his coats, a pair of leather lounge chairs on which he rested in style!  3 big suitcases are on show in which he used to carry his luggage while travelling overseas.  A violin and an organ are among his musical instruments’ collection. A complete dining set, a hot plate, pressure cooker, steel cutlery with soup bowls, small plates, big plates, spoons, dining table and chairs indicated how particular he was while having meals. He was quite modern for those days.  He preferred his food hot so the hot plate used to be kept near the dining table for food to be heated and served right away.

This man surely had class and loved style.  He lived the life of the elite no doubt.

The corridors were lined up with a whole lot of black and white pictures at various events. His wife, Rama Ambedkar, too was literate and a perfect companion, taking good care of his delicate health.

The only thing which i noticed and din’t like was the display of his cot with those cotton beds, quilts, sheets which he used till his last breath.  A cot is enough.  Why the old cotton bed which could contain harmful germs or bacteria from many years.  Of course these are encased in glass enclosures.  Lokmany Tilak’s room also has his bed on display so did the Agha Khan Palace in which Mahatma Gandhi’s bed on the ground is on display.

No pictures were allowed inside so nothing to show for again.



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