Life Experiences

Pune Okayama Friendship Garden


Okayama Bd

Okayama J Garden Pune
Tiny violet flowers! Small is beautiful 
Okayama Water Falls
Above, a meandering mini water falls in the garden.
Below: Garden surrounded by hills crowded with slums overlooking the garden! 
Okayama Hill Slums Okayama Landscape

Above, a beautiful pathway and cut and shaped trees.

Okayama Shy Brides

Shy sunflowers bowing their heads as the Sun sets!

Enjoyed a walk in this well maintained garden.  Water sprinklers were cooling the pathways and greens around.  Small dainty bridges over pebbled brooks criss crossing the garden, shrubs, plants, trees, bamboo trees, the garden surrounded by a few hills behind, a small pond with 3 ducks wading through leisurely were sights to behold..  Canopies with well crafted, polished, clean and well maintained wooden seats under them, this is where tourists took group pictures.

The Japanese touch could be seen everywhere.  A beautiful spot.



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