The curiosity to know what tomorrow holds is something each human thinks of at some point of life.

The occult sciences do cater to this curiosity of humans to an extent for the believers or followers.

As many branches of the Occult, called by various names like Astrology and many subs under this alone like Vedic/Hindu Astrology, Parashari, Jaimini, Different kinds of Nadi (like Bhrighu, Bhrighu Nandi, Sukra, Guru, Siva, etc.), Kerala Prashna, KP system, KAS (Krushna’s Ashthakavarga), Prashna Shastra, etc. to name a few.

Then there’s the Western Zodiac Signs good at character analysis at best with no predictive capability whatsoever. Then Numerology made famous by Chiero.  The Oriental ones like the Chinese astrology, Tibetian, Vietnamese, Japanese which have their own system of divining the future.  Then there’s the Tarot taken from Greek mythology characters to predict a short duration future of 6 months and more popular for divining the immediate future.

Different paths are adopted for one goal – of predicting the future.  The only aim of all the above is getting to know what lies in one’s future.  Whether these forecasts or predictions or by whatever name it is called, comes true or not is to be seen only in the yet-to-unfold future.

It will be my pleasure to share my views on Astrology in the coming days.  I shall also share my experiences right from learning Astrology from a teacher by chance and then on getting so passionate and hooked that i began practicing and learning something each day ever since, from books mostly, of which i have a large collection, to attending a few workshops far and few in between to quench my learning thirst.




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