Pune Mosquitoes & Moral Policing!

The Indian Premier League (IPL) is a professional Twenty20 cricket league in India contested annually by franchise teams representing Indian cities with fancy names like Mumbai Indians, Chennai Super Kings and Kolkata Knight RidersRajasthan Royals and Deccan Chargers which are very popular the world over. It’s the most popular cricket league in the world and has tremendous brand value.

Pune Mosquitoes are a League in themselves! Common between them and IPL is ‘league’ and ‘bat’.  Never seen or been bitten by anything like this anywhere so far! Tiny in size but very potent in its bite nevertheless.   The effect it leaves behind is to be seen to believe. It seems to punish exposed hands, palms and feet.  Does not prefer to disfigure the face, thankfully, does not bite on the face!  At first i thought it was some other insect and not mosquitoes, only to be proved wrong after i bought a chargeable mosquito bat to set score!

Mosquitoes seem to be some kind of a moral police on a special mission!  It forces us to be fully covered otherwise leaves us to suffer it’s bites!  Socks, light gloves, mufflers, cotton bedsheets, mosquito nets, mosquito bats are no big deal for these tiny creatures.  They find their way, are mean and bite anyway.  Those mosquito coils, lotions, oils, hits, repellents in various forms seem no match for them.

There’s swelling after multiple bites which subside only after a couple of days.  Reminds me of the after effects of the Mantoux Test for Tuberculosis.  Here are sample pictures i took after last night’s terrible time ‘batting’ them after they got me!  A test for my immunity but shivering at the very thought of Malaria now!

Swollen hand




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