Going To School

In South India there is this custom for the very young ones to  get admitted in pre-school on Vijaya Dasami (the 10th day of Dassera festival), an auspicious day to start any form of learning.  The young one gets used to the idea of going to school.

Usually pre-shcools function from 9am to whatever time a kid is comfortable with, but not beyond 1.30pm.  Pre-schools are glorified creche centers where basic rhymes and alphabets are taught.

Young ones cry a lot to go to school. School time is tension time when all other members of the family are engaged in only one task of somehow sending the kid to school. As if on cue, at 8.30am there are any number of excuses why he/she will not get dressed or eat breakfast! But a mom is not in a mood to give up as she gets her free time only during the kid’s school time!  Those 3 or 4 hours are here now but gone so soon.  In 2 years, its time for regular school from 9am to 3.30pm giving the parents more free time to do their own work.

Then there’s college, then going to work, then getting married, raising a family and oneself becoming a parent and coping with their children and bringing them up.

Cycle of school life!



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