Van Drivers Conference & Street Dogs!

On the main road in Adyar, there is a stand for Carriage Vans. Though it is not a recognized parking place, the vans are stationed here all the time and people come here to hire these to transport anything locally.

Whenever I pass this road, I find a group of idle drivers chatting away to pass time. Two dogs also join this group. The dogs are treated as equals and food and tea is shared with these lovable creatures. One has a coat of salt and pepper all over with a white patch below, his eyes bright and defined as if with a black liner and another one has biscuit color coat of hair – both street dogs. The drivers love this pair. The dogs have the full freedom to rest inside any empty van if the sun is too hot or if it rains. At times I see these dogs dancing and wagging their tails so vigorously to the driver’s endearments as if they understand every single word being spoken to them!!

This bonding between men and dogs is special and so very open. It makes me feel happy each time I pass that way. I look out for this conference of men and dogs at the venue – just opposite to the Vijaya Raja Kalyana Mandapam on the 1st Avenue Road, Adyar, Chennai.

I wish I could click a pic. Shall upload when I am able to.



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