The Deer And Stag of IIT, Madras

I used to travel past the IIT, Madras on my way to office some years back.

When the auto races past the IIT compound walls, I strain myself to see whether there are any deer peeping through the grilled iron fencing. Invariably I find two or three of them. At times I can see only a snout or two pairs of upright ears or a pair of those majestic horns as the lower half is a concrete wall and the upper half is a grilled iron fence.

It was sometime later I realized that there were people on this side of the road, feeding them with fruits and bread pieces. No wonder they come out of their safe habitat at the same time each day expecting food from regulars.

They are so trusting of humans. Sigh!

It is such a pleasure to see them.


Picture coutesy: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Indian_Institute_of_Technology_Madras


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