Sleep For Resting The Body

Prayers, meditation, chanting, singing hymns, etc are means to calm the mind.
When mind is calm, we sleep well at night.
When we sleep well, we get refreshed both in body and mind.

When the mind is disturbed, we may not be able to fall asleep as easily however tired and worn out the body may be due to hard physical labor.

Sleeping is another form of deep meditation where the entire self is resting with minimum activity of continuing to breathe and maybe dreaming a little now and then.

Since all these are inter-related, it is so important for us to rest our mind and body after every 14 to 16 hours of activity.  6 to 8 hours of sleep is usually sufficient to rest our bodies.

I have observed manual laborers who do hard work at civil construction sites, painting, plumbing, etc visit the roadside bars at dusk to consume cheap liqour, whether or not they have sufficient money to buy the groceries for their families back home is another matter.

Though it is bad to get addicted to intoxication of any kind, these men perhaps need that to rest their stressed limbs just so that they get up and go to work the next day to earn their daily bread and drink!

In the beginning, they need work to survive and need their daily drinks or stuff to forget bodily pain from hard labor.  Later they need their daily drinks so they need to work for it!!  It’s the same with a desk job, when there’s mental stress, they intoxicate to forget their stress.

It’s a vicious cycle from which there is no escape when drinking becomes an addiction, whether or not they have work for the day!  A whole family gets affected due to one person’s addiction to something.

Moderation is the key to balance oneself for everything be it prayers, meditation, chanting, getting used to intoxication. Yes even prayers and meditation which does our minds and bodies so much good, should be done in moderation only, otherwise they too become obsessions.

Look at the wonderful organ called stomach. It can contain only a certain amount of food at a time, when we are hungry or ready to eat. Such should be our need for props to calm our mind, body and soul.



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