The Cockroach and Me

I love my early morning ritual of drawing a ‘kolam’* on the specially embedded black granite stone just outside of our apartment’s main door. The routine is to sweep the tiny space,  sprinkle some water, mop the black granite stone and draw a nice pattern (which comes to my mind), with a wet piece of white chalk.  After the pattern dries, the bright white pattern on the black granite appears attractive, at least to me!  Uploading a few pictures of those which came out well.  These are extempore!
One morning, as I opened the door, armed with a broom to sweep, a cockroach which was hiding outside near our threshold ran helter skelter to save itself from an imminent attack. When it tried to come inside the house, I tried to broom it away outside. The roach and me were trying to outdo each other. I succeeded in sweeping it as far away from our door as possible without killing it and in this song and dance, I fell on both knees 😀   Thankful I din’t break a bone in this early morning amateur dance recital.
Despite our sealing all the entry points and fixing fine nets on all windows, some do find their way in. I tolerate them as creatures who have equal right to live and share space on earth yet I wish they chose some other place and not my house to scare me first thing in the morning! They are unwelcome guests.
They keep coming back even as we keep taking some pest control measures from time to time. Perhaps that is why they are called ‘pests’.
*’Rangoli’ is the Hindi equivalent of the Tamil ‘Kolam’.  A kolam is a symmetric pattern drawn on the floor with chalk or by dipping one or two fingers in a wet paste of rice flour.  This is an early morning ritual in most of the south Indian homes.
I reproduce one sample of my kolam below.
More to follow in a separate blog dedicated just for some kolams i drew!

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