What’s for Tiffin? (Crepes) Instant Dosas

Everyday is a challenge planning what to make for the evening tiffin for the family and my supper/last meal for the day.

South Indian varieties are many, yet i often prefer to make instant and easy to make tiffins.  Just get started at 7-ish and start polishing it off by 7.20pm.

Top ranking ones are crepes of different kinds.  All i have to ensure is to stock small quantities of rice flour, wheat flour, all purpose flour/maida, rava, bengal dal flour/besan and cornflour.

Combine some of them to make crepes or instant dosas in just under 15 minutes.  With a non-stick tawa, no worries if it will stick and refuse to come off the hot plate!  Just pour the batter, wait until the sides brown to a crisp texture, flip it to cook the other side lightly and viola you can eat it hot with any chutney or sauce or sugar or just plain.  I prefer to eat mine plain because i take care to temper in hot oil some chopped green chillies, onions, curry leaves, cummin seeds, mustard seeds, fresh chopped corriander leaves, a pinch of asoefotida and add it all to the batter, give it a nice mix and then spread it on a hot greased tawa.

i shall upload pictures when i make them plus share the recipes too.


Mahalakshmi  3rd May, 2016 @ Pune.




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