Hardwar, Rishikesh….Mansarovar

When our family visited Delhi for my nephew’s wedding in July of 2003, little did I realize that my thoughts about mother nature would change forever.

We had a couple of days to visit places around Delhi. Instead of the usual tour of the city we preferred to go to Rishikesh and Hardwar which is some distance away from Delhi.

Nothing could prepare us for the sights and sounds as we approached Rishikesh. The river Ganga, gurgling and gushing down of pristine water with such force and sound, the hills far away, the tall green Chinars and many other trees, so much green cover on the highway were all awesome sights.

Visiting Hardwar’s many temples, taking a dip in the flowing Ganges, the fast approaching, mighty Himalayas as our bus raced towards it, the Rudraksh trees, wild and exotic flowers on the wayside were things which we cannot forget in a hurry.   Then the excitement at seeing and collecting rounded pebbles of varied sizes, shapes and colors on the shores of the Ganges reminding us of our childhood.  Found a strange peace and quiet in these places. The memories appear fresh and recent even as of today.

The 6am and 6pm Ganga Aarthi is a must see which we missed.  I have watched the Ganga Aarti at 6am and 6pm which is aired on some religious TV channels often though.

Din’t feel like returning back home, wanting to very much stay back and be in close proximity to mother nature. I joked to my husband about his finding me in either Rishikesh or Hardwar should i ever go missing from home!

Mansarovar I have not had the chance to visit yet. But in my mind’s eye, I have been there. I have gone around – doing the parikrama of – the divine lake and have drunk in the beauty of the Mount Meru bathed as if in molten gold at sunrise and sunset.

Mahalakshmi. On 1st May, 2016 from Pune, Maharashtra.


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