Eating Out

(This was written on 28th December, 2010).
When I saw my sister push her luggage cart towards us at the airport, tears welled up in my eyes. Its been 5 years since we saw her last.

Keeping in touch over phone and e-mails apart, there’s nothing like being together and spending time together. Doing special things for her is giving me so much joy.

She loves good food. Loves to eat outside. Vadai, bonda, parattha, phulkas and pulao are among her favourites.
How much fun she had last time, eating bondas and cutlets at the woodlands drive-in on her last visit. We shopped at Spencer’s and ate at Woodlands on our way back home. She is so sad that Woodlands has given way to a park.

I had planned to take her to maximum possible hotels within the 3 weeks she will stay with us. Chennai is bursting with so many places to try out good food.
The must-eat places which I must take her at least once are
Hotel Saravana Bhavan which I took her to yesterday itself. Both of us had a single bonda, vada and idli each. She loved the sambar and the chutneys. I have always liked their strong filter coffee (with sugar :D).

I remember the most pleasurable days I spent at her place in Ottawa in 1991. She took such good care of me. Even now I think I love Canada as a place to visit. Perhaps that was my first trip abroad and one loves the first place one sees.
Someone told me he loved London though he had visited USA and australia too. That is because London was the first place he visited.
Back to India and the places we will be visiting every evening, if possible, to try specialty tiffins.

Grand Snacks for their hot and fresh boli and appams. (Their tomato and corriander pickles are really good).
Adayar Ananda Bhavan for bhelpuri, pongal, vada, kozhukattai both sweet and salt, pidi kozhokattais plus their yummy aloo bondas.
Sri Krishna for their great mini tiffin combos which offer many varieties in one plate.
Sri Krishna’s ‘Rasam’ restaurant for dinner one day.
Sanjeevani for a lovely, fresh and sattwic fare on offer is a must.
For that superb Hyderabadi Dum Biryani at Swati, Saravana Bhavan, Mylapore.
To the Pizza Hut for their crunchy, tasty pizza, breads and garden salad.
Nathan’s one day for lunch perhaps.
Mathsya not to be missed, time permitting for their authentic Udipi fare.

The finale will be a lunch or dinner at the Copper Point at GRT Grand, a good place to eat at. The food is great there.

She has a big shopping list – to buy gold at GRT, clothes at Westend, kitchen ware at Rathna’s, etc. I will have to juggle with hotels to fit in with her shopping list and areas she will have to visit. It requires a master plan indeed to do all of that.
There will some people who might invite her out to dinner or lunch in between too.

Happy thinking about the happy times together with a loving sister.



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